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About Us

“Tali’s Tales” Atelier is a small family buisness. Our main product line is handmade denim table textiles and aprons. Why denim? Denim is more than just a cotton fabric… It‘s a style, comfort of natural composite, durability, practicality and at last, it‘s simply beautiful! Denim has become a symbol of the young, active, informal way of life. In 1969, American Fabrics magazine declared, „denim is one of the world‘s oldest fabric, yet it remains eternally young <…> If we were to use a human term to describe a textile, we might say, that denim is an honest fabric – substantial, forthright and unpretentious“.

Perhaps, it is impossible to imagine youth without shabby jeans‘ esthetic, as well as an elegant maturity without practicality and comfort of denim in any life situations … Therefore we are sure, that the things, created in our workshop, will suit everyone. Simply and laconic designed, they become conceptual, ” start talking” by machine-embroidered words about the house, family, cosiness, about what connects and pulls together … In other words, about most important in our lifes.

Of course, the classic of denim is the colour of indigo. Modern production technologies of fabrics allow to dye denim differently. We try to use various color scales in works, but at the same time denim always remains recognizable. As a rule, the fabric partner to denim is natural linen. We wash and carefully steam by the iron all fabrics before tailoring in order to let finished product loose it‘s appearance and the shape. We are able to afford such painstaking work, because our products are always from the “limited edition” series. So, if you want your house feel some rebellious spirit, peculiar to all fans of a denim, concluded in the traditional forms of house textiles – serving napkins, table runners, kitchen and garden aprons – welcome to our Atelier!