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Cook & Kitchen rug NATURAL FOOD 60/180 cm


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062151-60/180 Out of stock 60 × 15 × 15 cm 1.94 kg .


Specially designed for the kitchen this floormat will help keep the clean in a zone where this is particulary important. We sure, that it’s colors and patterns give a good mood to you from breakfast to supper. Put this floormat in the cooking area and it will protect your floor from damp spots on which you can slip, hold back the crumbs of food and just make you happy with colourful view. There is a chance that if you accidentally fall out of hand, your favourite cup will remain unbroken. It’s an innovative solution in the kitchen design, but we’re not afraid of experiments!
Wash & Dry Design mats combine quality with durability and timelessly elegant styles – they help you to create the perfect atmosphere for every living room! They ensure perfect hygiene and fashionable designs. The perfect choice for pet owners and allergy sufferers- traps dust and pollen. Extremely slip resistant and PVC-free. Suitable for underfloor heating. Absorbs impact noise. Very flat – fits under nearly every door. In the case of PVC, linoleum flooring and oiled wooden floors discolouration can occur due to an interaction with rubber-coated mats.
Care instruction: before first use, wash the rug separately according to the care label at 60 degrees and mild detergent. This straightens the fibres, activates the mat pile and smoothes out any creases and folds caused by transport. Spin the mat on a low setting with approx. 800 revolutions. Put the mat in the dryer and select the “Easy care” or “Mixed fabric” program. As an alternative to the dryer, you can also lay the mat out flat to dry. Wash your rug 3 to 4 times a year (or more often if it is heavily used).
5 Year Guarantee. Made in Europe. Ökotex-100 Certified.

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Weight 1.94 kg
Dimensions 60 × 15 × 15 cm

100 % Nitrile Rubber, 100% Polyamide



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